iPhone 5S eight features showed up

Eight changes to apple iPhone 5S that makes difference.

Apple is all set to launch its new phone iphone 5S which is going to be much better and improved than its last phone iPhone 5. It will be unveiled in september and so far has marked different changes through the leaks available.

There are eight features which have been upgraded ir changed. Lets have a look:

iphone 5s

Upgraded A7 chip with 1GB of RAM

Apple is using A7 chip for its new iphone 5S. Last phone was using A6 chip and niw this has been upgraded to A7.

This chip is manufactured by Samsung. A7 dual-core is clocked with 1.5 GHz processor with quad-core PowerVR SGX 544MP4. Samsung manufacture this chip using Higk-K Metal Gate technology. It is backed up by 1GB of RAM which is same as before though with better version. Before they were using LPDDR2-1066 and now its  LPDDR3-1333 that means fast processing than before.

 Gold color:

So far we saw Apple in two colors black and white but now with the new phone apple is entering ien to a new color trend that is Gold. That will make iphone 5S lotk more luxurious and differentiable.

 Sapphire home key with fingerprint scanner:

Another introduction by Apple- the home buttin which had been concave for years now will be convex and to differentiaate more. It will be of sapphire another feature which will make the phone looks more classy. Convex shape of home key gives nore space to fit in finger print sensor and the sapphire adds on the durability of the home key .

 NFC on board:

Apple was left behind in this segment. NFC Or nearest feild communication has been used by many phone now a days it is basically used for payments mobile wallets etc. Apple has not included this feature till now but iPhone 5S will be supported with NFC.

12 megapixels camera with Dual LED flash:

iPhone 5S is rumored to have dual LED flash that means more clear picture even in low light. The apperture has also been lowere to f/2.0 from f/2.4 which will give more lighting to the sensor.

Rear camera will be of 12 megapixels with different HDR modes,there will be slow motion video recording up to 120 Frames per second.

Coming to the front camera it is rumored to be upgraded up to 2 megapixels.

 128GB version

Its also rumored that iPhone 5 S might come with 128 GB memory. Till now its available in only three versions i.e, 16GB,32GB,64GB. If it will come in 128 GB that will fancy the iphone lovers.


Coming to the price it is more likely to be availble between $600-$700 While iphone 5C will come in between $400-$500.

so keep your fingera crossed and save your money for this new rocking phone from Apple.

iOS 7:

With its amazing new flat design combined with 4inches retina and new siri will make you feel every inch a new iPhone.

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