iPhone 5S gold colour photos, this time they look real

Earlier today, we posted that iPhone 5S will debut in gold colour as reported by MING-CHI, and now a french website named macboutic has uploaded some alleged images of iPhone 5S gold colour components with rear panel housing and some side view angled photos which looks a bit real if compared with previous components that were leaked . Earlier we have also seen some champagne coloured iPhone 5S components, so may be this time Apple is playing with some royal colours. No doubt this gold colour looks stunning but still nothing is authentic till we see some banner over some high-tech building.

  iPhone 5S GOLD

iphone 5s gold iphone 5s gold iphone 5s gold

iPhone 5S is rumoured to have finger print sensor installed inside its home button loop with obviously next generation Apple’s custom made A7 chip which is rumoured to be of 4 cores with 2GB RAM. Camera rumours are changing day by day so we assume that iPhone 5S will have same camera as of iPhone 5 with some large aperture. But wait here! iPhone 4S is also having 8MP camera , so some thing is getting in focus about the camera. Lets wait till 10th of September!