Apple will start shipping iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C early september: WSJ

Finally we got some authentic stuff from Wall Street Journal which hints something about iPhone 5s iPhone 5c release date. In one of its latest reports we saw that Apple has asked Hon Hai industries to start shipping iPhone 5S and the budget iPhone, allegedly named as iPhone 5C, by early September. We all are already aware of next month’s fall , which is going to debut on 10th September as per directed by Allthingsd.

iPhone 5s iPhone 5c release date

iphone 5s iphone 5c release date


This report even brings some shine over the past rumours of iPhone 5s iPhone 5c release date , however we should also accept the fact that iPhone 5C can be delayed or might debut after a month gap between the iPhone 5S launch date. We are also excited to see 2 new iPads , first one to be the next generation 10inches iPad and other to be the upgraded iPad Mini with a Retina display which was also previously confirmed by WSJ (same source). iPhone 5S is semi-rumoured to have a fingerprint home button with a new home button shape along with obvious hardware changes like A7 chip, may be camera and RAM factor can be 1GB. But still nothing is official if we talk about iOS and mac devices. So all we can do is to wait till the end!