iPhone 6 camera lens measurement explained in this new leak

Yesterday we were able to get some news over the display resolution of iPhone 6, explaining how Retina will help this device to provide more out of it. But today there’s a leak coming from AppleClub that gives the actual measurement of iPhone 6 camera lens. According to the image, they now got the measurement of the lens that is protruding from the rear panel of iPhone 6. The protruded lens is measuring around 0.67-0.77mm, just like the same we saw in iPod Touch 5th Generation. This protruding lens was found in both the models i.e. N56(4.7″) and N61(5.5″). Source also adds that this lens is not protected with any protective shell on it but this can be due to the fact that its still in its upper intermediate stage.

Stay Tuned, we have lots more to disclose before the official launch of iPhone 6.