Few more iPhone 6 images matching the front panel

We have exclusively spotted some new images of iPhone 6 that matches with the authentic front panel that got leaked earlier. These new gold iPhone 6 images were found on Chinese version of twitter, Weibo. In these images, one can easily spot that camera spot is smaller than the sensor spot. Not only the front panel, but we also have some photo’s of its side body. This iPhone 6 seems to be a 4.7″ model. First lets take a look at the display images leaked earlier:

more iphone 6 images

Now, you just check these images. You can easily observe sensor spot bigger than camera spot. One can also observe the “Health” app(the one which shows small heart on the top right) on this device allegedly confirming iOS 8 running on it.

Few more iPhone 6 images:

more iphone 6 images more iphone 6 images more iphone 6 images more iphone 6 images

UPDATE: The gap between speaker grille and top edge, shown in these new images, is not equal to the gap between speaker grille and lower edge(see the first image where speaker grille is centered) 

Thanks FireZiMissiles!