Was that iPhone 6 Plus Bend video fake?

#BendGate has become some HollyWood actor with lots of publicity. But, was that iPhone 6 Plus Bend video fake? It seems like that. A new report generated on Pocket-Lint has almost proved it to be a fake or edited one. This editing was spotted by observing the clock time on iPhone 6 Plus(used in the video). They report:

Notice the video shows the iPhone 6 Plus drastically bending at 1:40 minutes, and the time on the phone at that point displays 2:26 PM. The man in the video then proceeds to explain around 2:35 minutes into the video that he just finished bending the phone with his thumbs.

But there’s one problem with that version of events: The iPhone 6 Plus he supposedly “just” bent displays the time 1:59 PM around 2:45 minutes into the video, roughly 27 minutes before the smartphone is shown succumbing to little pressure.

Oops! You got caught. Now by referring above, watch this again:

Stay Tuned!
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