iPhone 6 resolution exposed in wild, is that an assembled iPhone 6?

Apple is reportedly having a press event on  September 9 to unveil its next generation iPhone, which has already been termed as iPhone 6 or iPhone Air or iPhone 6L. This new leak brings light on the display resolution of iPhone 6. According to 9to5mac, this new iPhone will have 1473×828 resolution that will yield about 360ppi or may be 1242 x 2208 iPhone resolution giving around 540ppi. WAIT! Read ahead now. Remember how Steve Jobs explained the Retina display? Retina is used to multiply the native resolution of the screen and pack more pixels in the same area. According to the source of this report, iOS 8 gave an evidence of 414×736 iPhone resolution, came out through Xcode. Now, adding Retina thing to iPhone 6 will make it x2 or may be x3 as well. So, the new output can be predicted.

iphone 6 resolution



Not only this, but Feld & Volk has also put the iPhone 6 screen under some microscope to examine the screen resolution. The results were identical to the above report. They found it to be 1704×960 for 4.7″ iPhone 6 that was still in intermediate stage. Feld & Volk also got some images of iPhone 6 in HD quality which, for the first time, shows that is has been assembled. This almost fully assembled is reportedly having a 7mm thickness. Also, one can easily note the single line speaker without any microphone holes beside them. Take a look:

iphone 6 resolution iphone 6 resolution iphone 6 resolution