iPhone 6 scores better than iPhone 6 Plus in GeekBench

Apple has launched two different iPhones in order to meet different users with different size choices. Both are Bigger than bigger but can be easily used with one single hand via Apple’s reachability tweak. Size is good for all now but what about the performance of these devices. We have exclusively spotted some GeekBench results of both these devices and surprisingly, the bigger one scored less than the smaller iPhone variant.

Yes, iPhone 6 Plus(iPhone7,1) scored 1481 on single core and 2662 on multi-core(dual-core) whereas the 4.7″ iPhone 6 has got 1627 on single core and 2920 over dual core testing.

Both these testings were done on 128GB variants. iPhone 6 shows some ARM based single processor clocked at 1.39GHz combined with 987 RAM while the bigger iPhone 6 Plus shows ARM based single processor clocked at 1.32GHz combined with 975MB RAM.

Take a look:


iPhone 6 Plus should be codenamed as “iPhone 7,1” while iPhone 6 would be “iPhone7,2” because the firmware file for iPhone 7,1 is bigger than firmware file for iPhone 6. See:

iphone 6 plus geekbench


What you say about these iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Geekbench result?