iPhone 6 user manual leaks, release date almost confirmed [updated]

We all know that iPhone 6 is reportedly coming to meet us on September 9 2014. This release date is just based on various authentic reports, Apple hasn’t confirmed it yet. But now it is confirmed by nowhereelse.fr. The source was able to dig out a real looking user manual that would come up with iPhone 6 box. This user manual card clearly shows September 9 on it, giving a clear shot hint towards the launch date.

This leaked iPhone 6 user manual card shows us how Apple has tweaked the design. One can easily notice the sleep and power button on its side body(replaced from top) along with new volume buttons on left side. The manual also confirms the Touch ID present in the home button without giving any change to the lightning connector.

UPDATE: These iPhone 6 manual images have been proved fake by MacRumors. Also, Apple never write “Slide to unlock” rather they write “slide to unlock”!

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