iPhone 6 visits Geekbench, shows 1.4GHz dual core A8 chip and 1GB RAM

Let’s bring some more fire before the official launch event of iPhone 6. According to this new leak, iPhone 6 has already made a visit to Geekbench through which its alleged specifications have showed up. iPhone 6 Geekbench visit has completely different result to tell you. According to this, the upcoming iPhone 6 will only have 1.4GHz (1.38GHz) of Dual-Core based A8 chip. Along with this A8 chip, Apple might also provide same 1GB RAM that we saw on iPhone 5S. With all this inside it, the device was able to score 1633 points on single core test and 2920 in dual-core test.

iPhone 6 Geekbench Result:

iphone 6 geekbench

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Since its name is not official or may Geekbench reads out the name from the device’s iOS version, this new iPhone 6 was allegedly named as iPhone 7,2(iOS ipsw format). The source was able to bring up some camera samples from this device that were further compared with iPhone 5s’s and LG G3’s camera. iPhone 6’s camera is rumoured to get OIS feature this time. Take a look:


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