Forget the design, we now have iPhone 6’s new features

The new iPhone is just a month away with its design almost confirmed by various leaks, this new report mainly focus towards some updated features that will be coming to iPhone 6. The release date is almost confirmed by various sources and is due on September 9.  A report generated by Venture Beat has added some new features to the rumour line up for iPhone 6. This time they are playing really hard. We already know that its a new generation iPhone 6 which will roll out in 2 different variant viz. 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches(late announcement). But, what about insides?

iPhone 6 will be the most powerful product that they have ever launched. This time they will add A8 chipset which will have 2.0GHz of each core with still unknown number of cores. Probably not more than 2. iPhone 6 will indeed come with an updated fingerprint scanner inside the home button. Observing the new era of WiFi, Apple is also adding Wi-Fi, 802.11ac which will be coming from Broadcom. Forget the older 4G/LTE network, this time it will land up with Category 6 LTE along with a new Qualcomm’s MDM9x35 cellular modem. This newer version of LTE will help its user to attain a maximum speed of 300 megabits/sec for downloading. 

Expect a new NFC technology which will help you make secure payments over the web along with some new features added. This new NFC chip has been made by NXP. 

What about entertainment?

The source also says that there are some possibilities that Apple Beats team-up will effect this new iPhone 6. Apple is rumoured to add a new chip which will authenticate the Beats headphones when connected via lighting connector. Earlier also, we have seen headphones might get inside the same lighting connector that is used to charge the iPhone.

All these specs are likely to get inside the powerful giant coming next month, but still nobody can point towards the final specs list. May be someone can do that but not right now. We still don’t have any knowledge about the camera advancement in this new iPhone but the megapixels are likely to go up due to a bigger screen. Also, we should not expect sapphire glass in 4.7-inch variant, rather they  are rumoured to add a tough glass better than the gorilla one.

Stay Tuned, Stay Happy!