iPhone lite FCC tag spotted with a price tag of 349$

iPhone lite with FCC spotted with a price tag of 349$


There are tons of rumours about the new iPhone Lite without LTE support and having a plastic design is playing hide and seek over the web. Previously we updated some photos which shows iPhone Lite without any Apple logo and without FCC tags on the back.

iphone lite fcc

But today we got a minute report on the iPhone lite fcc tag spotted with a price tag of 348$. We were previously told that iPhone Lite will be coming in the starting week of September but yesterday a report claimed a delay in the iPhone Lite too , shifting the launch date to 18th September. We got a comparison image of iPhone 5 vs iPhone Lite (Yellow)



Same source also disclosed the price of iPhone lite will be 349$ for a factory unlocked version.

Update: A german website (iFUN) just confirmed the launch date of iPhone Lite , which will be 6th September ( they are actually very confident about this).

Update 2: iPhone Lite will be a refreshed version of iPhone 5

Update 3: iPhone 5S will replace iPhone5