iPhone’s display will be covered with sapphire glass: Report

iPhone 6 has become the most leaked device of the year 2014. We have see tons of its prototype, working videos, comparison videos and even some hands on pre review of this device. Everything that came up so far was not able to proof the material of its display. We are talking about the sapphire display that has become the biggest rumour of this upcoming iPhone. In order to add some salt in this rumour, one former GT product manager has something to tell you about this “sapphire thing”. According to him, Apple and GT Advanced Technologies had some new plans for this sapphire display but they never disclosed the purpose of this sapphire display. We have already seen sapphire glass already used over the Touch ID and camera lens but this time they might have talked about the display of this device.

This is what he say:

“Worked with GT Advanced Technology to help market and sell the idear [sic] of sapphire as a cover screen for mobile devices to Apple. […] 

After marketing and selling the ASF [advanced sapphire furnace] into the LED market targeted mobile screen covers as a market for growth, conducted a focused marketing campaign and developed a cost model across the supply chain that has brought sapphire to Apple’s mobile display.”

Nobody is pretty sure whether this will happen this year, we mean iPhone 6, or may be the next generation of this device will add sapphire to this. But, yes, they will eventually use it.

Some reports also suggest that sapphire could come up this year but it will be limited to some higher end models. That’s because of its higher cost factor. iPhone sapphire display is what any fanboy is looking for. Don’t worry, we are just 2 days behind the official launch.

Stay tuned!