Lenovo Smartband SW-B100 spotted at FCC [Images]

Lenovo’s previously rumoured smartband, codenamed SW-B100, has been spotted on FCC certification documents. Generally FCC docs only provides labels and schematic designs but this time AndroidPolice was able to spot real images of this upcoming SW-B100 smartband. Along with these images comes one user manual of this smartband. The source was able to confirm the presence of heart rate sensor on its back body.

They say:

The user manual gives the best indication of the Smartband’s overall functions. In short, it’s a Bluetooth wristband designed primarily for fitness data, but it also works for the a few notifications and alerts. Basic non-connected functions include a watch, a heart rate monitor, a pedometer, a sleep tracker, and a fitness calculator with distance and calorie trackers. It will also remind you to hydrate yourself. When paired with a phone or tablet, the Smartband can receive call and text alerts, but it looks like more complex notifications are out of the picture. I can’t see any concrete information on whether the one-line screen is color or black and white, but based on the 7-day battery life, I’d bet on a low-power black and white LCD or e-paper style display.


Stay Tuned!