Did Lenovo’s new event invite confirmed it to be Android Lollipop?

Lenovo has started sending official invites for their September 4 event that will happen at IFA, Berlin. Lenovo has mentioned lots of things in this new teaser. Lets cover them one by one in an easy way:

  1. It clearly shows ” Vibe X2″ written over some “Lollipop”. This confirms that they are indeed launching their next flagship which would be named as Lenovo Vibe X2.
  2. They really spoke like Apple: “We can’t say anything either”, just like how Apple wished.
  3. The most important dig out: Go back to that “Lollipop” thing. Focus on your mind. Do you remember Android “L”. What if this “L” is for Android Lollipop that would come running on Lenovo Vibe X2?

Yes, the third point is still a mystery. No worries, its gonna be solved very soon.

Stay tuned!