LG G Pro 2 is priced for $900, take a look at the teaser

LG G Pro 2, launched few days back, has officially got a price tag in Korea. LG G Pro 2 is priced at $900 approx. which would definitely gonna surprise us all, even more than the Samsung Note 3. This device is boosted with 3GB RAM to handle the same 800 Snapdragon chip clocked at 2.26GHz. This time they also added a 13MP OIS camera and 1080p display to enhance your experience. A knock code feature has also been added through which you can bring back your display just by double tapping it.

lg g pro 2


Moreover, LG has also posted a teaser for LG G Pro 2, which looks really incredible even if you don’t know Korean language. This small teaser tells you much about the OIS camera of this device. Take a look: