LG G3 to add fingerprint scanner after a QHD display and octa-core chip

We have already seen various leaks and rumours regarding the upcoming successor of LG G2, allegedly named LG G3 which is supposed to carry a 5.5 inches IPS LCD quad-HD display of resolution 2560 x 1440 which is also known as 2K display’s. The device will also boost up with a true octa-core chipset along with a 16MP camera and upgraded 3GB RAM. LG also hinted towards a 64-Bit chip by signing up an agreement earlier with ARM. Not only this, today a reported published by BGR sourced at Korea Herald telling the alleged existence of fingerprint scanner in LG G3, which comes from a anonymous LG worker.


LG has recently made a decision to adopt the fingerprint scanner on the upcoming G3, the successor of the G2, and is conducting a series of tests for the product

LG G3 Fingerprint Scanner


The functionality of this fingerprint scanner will be just like what we saw in HTC One Max previously, the user needs to swipe cross the fingers across the scanner. This time they won’t press it just like what we saw on iPhone 5S. We have also reported previously that Samsung is coming up with a new technology iris or eye-scanner sort of thing through which your eyes will be enough to unlock your device. But all this is just a board of rumour. Just wait and stay tuned for more!