LG is into Mass production of flexible OLED display and curved batteries

LG started to work on its flexible OLED display which means leaving glass and acquiring flexible plastic which is unbreakable and can be bend. This will come as a innovation to Smartphone industry. According to LG display newsroom:

“LG Display is launching a new era of flexible displays for smartphones with its industry-leading technology,” said Dr. Sang Deog Yeo, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of LG Display. “The flexible display market is expected to grow quickly as this technology is expected to expand further into diverse applications including automotive displays, tablets and wearable devices. Our goal is to take an early lead in the flexible display market by introducing new products with enhanced performance and differentiated designs next year.”

lg flexible display

This new display is vertically concave with the radius of 700mm.and according to the press note, this display will weigh 7.2gms even with 6inch screen. In March 2012 LG Display developed the world’s first 6-inch Electronic Paper Display (EPD) based on e-ink which utilizes a plastic backplane. Having previously showcased the world’s first curved 55-inch OLED TV panel at CES 2013, today’s announcement highlights the company’s leading position in advanced flexible display technologies.

Not only LG, Samsung was also rumored to come up with flexible display, though, there is no news till now. LG Chem said that using its ‘Stack and Folding technology’ patent, it can build curved batteries which can fit into phones, watches as well as glasses.

Additionally, the company also revealed its plan to unveil completely flexible Cable batteries in coming years, which can be used for wearable devices like smartwatches, and won’t heat up during use. This flexible and curved display smartphone of LG is expected to be unveiled in November