LG vs Huawei vs ZTE for 3rd position in smart phone race

LG vs Huawei vs ZTE for 3rd position in smart phone race

Our economic sector includes technology sector whose main hero is mobile phones.

We always think of Samsung and Apple when we imagine about the Kings of this sector. This is what we think but report says just they are not competing there are many more in the competition and are not far behind.

Apple has been showing low in market share. There current performance might put them in risk of loosing their market share and there LG is going to capture the market.

lg vs zte vs huawei

In the normal 3 inch phones to 5 inch Smartphone Apple had been under performing. Smartphone is growing since last year you can hear news of a new Smartphone almost every week.

So No.3 and No.4, LG electronic of Korea and LENOVO of china doubled there sales, according to ABI branch.

Where Apple is loosing, Samsung world’s largest maker of Smartphone is also down with its market share but still it overtook Apple.


“LG was a star performer as global shipments doubled year-over-year,” Linda Sui, analyst at Strategy Analytics, said in the report. “If LG can expand its retail presence and marketing in major countries such as the U.S. or China, LG could quietly start to challenge Apple for second position.”

Some stats:

zte vs lg vs huawei

IDC has ranked top five Global Smartphone vendors in second quarter. The rankings are:

  • Samsung 30.4 %
  • Apple 13.1%
  • LG 5.1%
  • Lenovo 4.7%
  • ZTE 4.2%

This shows that china has it stand in the global Smartphone vendor and may be LG, ZTE, HUWAEI and may be Lenovo will perform like no one has thought of.