The light version Oppo Find 7 will have Snapdragon 800, 2GB RAM and 5MP front camera, confirmed

After the tit-bits of HTC M8, here comes some official information about upcoming Oppo Find 7. This info, sourced at Oppo’s official account on Wiebo, tells each and each everything about the light version of Oppo FInd 7 except its rear camera, which is kind of allegedly confirmation of 50MP for the higher end. For those who don’t know about Oppo Find 7 should learn that it will roll out in two different models and the upper model is rumoured to get 50MP. According to this new Oppo tweet(chinese tweet), the next Oppo is likely to come with Snapdragon 800 processor combined with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM. ¬†Along with this, it will also feature a 5MP front camera and the rear camera is still unknown for this model.

Take a look:
oppo find 7 specs

Source: Weibo