Meizu MX4 benchmark visit, a “power house” that scored 51315 points

Meizu MX4 has been officially announced by the company and now we have the first benchmarks of MediaTek’s MT6595 processor. This new octa-core processor has eventually attained 51,315 points in its very first benchmark result. Yes, this Meizu MX4 benchmark  result much better than the HTC’s One M8. Its not just those points, its actually the full exposure to the device’s inside.

The source has also brought up one brief comparison of Meizu MX4 with HTC M8, showing various details of its inside hardware. Almost every feature of this Meizu MX4 has received better score than the HTC M8. Take a look:

Meizu MX4 Benchmarks:


s_8d13d37cfa994952b0256063cbf168bb s_a482b852225445c2be6a25fde778a88d s_bf8d9382c05e4f7f8063b0b38fb7a7e4 s_c1f097917afd4ebf82b5622ec7ffa021 s_78ec40d10e50406e8ceba90777c7e101

More result HERE

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