Meizu MX4 Pro might become Note 4 killer if specs are to be believed, launching on September 2

We are eagerly waiting for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that got leaked earlier, showing its very first premium design. This time it won’t be a polycarbonate body. Samsung will reveal this device at IFA Berlin 2014 on September 3rd. But what if we gonna tell you that there exist one Note 4 killer device that will be coming out September 2nd with a lesser price tag. No, its not the replica of this device.

We are talking about Meizu MX4. If rumours are to believe, then there also exist a Meizu MX4 Pro model for upcoming MX4. This Pro model is said to have an Exynos 5433 chipset boosted on 3GB RAM, the same that Note 4 holds. With a 2K display and 20.7MP(Note 4 to have 16MP) from Sony, it will be a killer device that might be priced below 500$. Report also adds on 8MP camera on the front of this Pro model. All these incredible specs will be showed on September 2nd, a day before the launch of Note4.

Talking about the design side of this upcoming Meizu MX4, we have some leaked photos of this device to show you. May be in specs term it might become a Note 4 killer but in design terms, is that take all from iPhone 6? Take a look:

Bezel haters.. Just for you its Meizu MX4

meizu mx4 meizu mx4 meizu mx4

Images from Weibo