More iPhone 5S gold coloured HD images,this time dual-led looks real

Today, Appadvice showed various iPhone 5S gold or champagne coloured photos which really looks authentic. Take your eyes to the dual led flash thing, you will notice a big hollow if compared to iPhone 5. These images also include rear housing photos which looks totally different from one we have in iPhone 5. We can also see volume rocker button ,nano-sim tray, lock button and silent button, all are in gold colour. The website also reported that

Another thing to point out is that the back housing is missing the text that’s normally present on the bottom half below the “iPhone” marking. Though it’s possible that this etching happens at a different point in the manufacturing process. Also, it appears that the “iPhone” marking is a bit thinner than usual. That could be due to Apple’s decision to use a thinner font in iOS 7 and they wanted to reflect that change on the hardware as well.

May be these images were taken before that text itching. Look at the images now:


iPhone 5s Gold

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