Moto Hint is world’s smallest Bluetooth earpiece to look for

Motorola has finally unveiled all of its 2014 devices earlier today. Almost every Moto X fan will certainly gonna love the next generation New Moto X but what if we tell you that there’s another loveable thing that this tech giant has launched for you. We are indeed talking about the Moto Hint. Along with two new flagships and one new smartwatch, Motorola has also launched one smart Bluetooth Earpiece that is as small as your earbud.

Without giving any buttons on it, Motorola has added one small capacitive touch screen on its outer face. You can use your fingers to tap on that touchscreen in order to receive/make call. Also, you cannot lower the in call volume via this. You have to use your smartphone for that.

Small size is incredible¬†but What’s New?

We know everyone is smart now days, so Motorola has also added few smart features in this tiny piece of Moto Hint Bluetooth headset. What you can do is enable Moto Voice on it via your new Moto X and then you take almost full control on your Moto X via giving various voice commands to this earpiece. Like you can enable turn by turn navigation, ask it to read up your messages, ask what’s the time now, ask what’s the current weather out there etc.

NOTE: These voice commands will only work with a combo of New Moto X and Moto Hint. Other Bluetooth enabled smartphones can also connect with it but they can just make/receive calls. “Google Now” can also be used for other smartphones.

No buttons? How can I turn it off/on?

No worries, Motorola is becoming a true innovator. In this new Moto Hint, they have added one new sensor through which it will detect whether this device is residing inside your ears or not. After detecting, the device will automatically turn off/on. Isn’t that amazing?

Don’t get too much excited, after all it has been priced for $150 ONLY. Yes, 150 bucks for a bluetooth earpiece. There’s no exact sale date mentioned by Motorola but you can expect it by the end of this month. They have provided 6 new styles for this among which 3 are woody, leathery and fabricy.



Stay Tuned!