Moto X India launch revealed, coming in next few weeks

moto x india

A good news for Moto X lovers, Moto X India launch has been revealed by Motorola Mobility, through its official twitter account and its coming to India and Australia in the next few weeks, hopefully, in the mid of March. This month, Motorola Mobility has launched Moto G in India with a lower price tag, which attracted lots of users who once had a budget till Rs 15,000. Although Moto X wouldn’t go this much cheap but its actually having a lot of fans, even we are in the list too, so it might become a quite good demanded phone in India if priced below Rs 28-30k. We have got each and every spec and feature of Moto X discussed, you can a take a brief look here.

Moto X India launch would significantly make a good competition with Nexus 4, Sony Xperia Z or may be Nexus 5 too. Just because it is running on dual-core chip is not its weak point, its actually as fast as the above mentioned device, all of them with quad-core processor. Although Moto X is having a lot more tweaks and functionalities than these device. The pricing factor would actually play a important role in its demand for India. Do comment your opinions and stay tuned!