Moto-X launched and here we go

Moto-X launched, we bring all things here

Motorola CEO, Dennis Woodside, finally did it. The long way coming Moto-X is now officially launched by Motorola. The CEO even explained all the major features of this phone at the time of launch. “Okay Google now, Call my assistant” just holding the back panel and not even a single finger on screen, the phone responded to its father quickly and the call just started. Wow that was amazing, our mind took us away from Siri. Next, “Okay Glass”, and we got Google Glass running on User-Interface.

“Google is the first to commercialize the self-driving car,” says Woodside. “This is the first self-driving phone.”

This feature has been brilliantly designed in Moto-X. We can just ask anything, anytime, anywhere just by saying ” Okay Google Now, Read The text” and the message come’s to your ears through loudspeaker. Imagine you are having dinner with your hubby on dinning table, both wanna listen some romantic song to cheer up with red wine, you say ” Ok Google Now, Play Romantic”( sitting 1 meter away from moto-x)  thats all you are done for complete night.

moto x launched

The totally redesigned voice assistant from Motorola is no doubt stunning, but what about battery? The Moto-X should be using some percent of battery to make its ear clean for even sleep mode or stand-by mode.

moto x launched

Lets talk about camera in Moto-X: Low Light Camera

Moto-X comes with 10 mega pixels rear camera with ClearPixel. ClearPixel, Whats that? Google added a nice approach to this powerhouse phone by giving a “RGBC” type of camera design which we call Clear Pixels. Similar approach was used by Sony in 2012 which added “RGBW” where W stands for White, used to capture photos in dark by using this sensor but ultimately it was big failure for Sony. Clear Pixel is actually doing a nice job for clicking night mode photos but this Clear Pixel camera can sit down if used under very light in day. Having large 1.4 micron pixel, already running ahead of Galaxy S4’s 1.1 micron pixel, the camera wIll give excellent low light large pictures.The camera is also tagged by a LED flash.The phone is also having a 2 MP front camera with full HD video recording support in order to make you look cool.

Camera UI of this phone will blow off your minds. Tons of other tweaks are added in camera APK which we got running unofficially on any adroid.

moto x launched


The Moto-X in terms of design looks really macho. The different colours of back panel leaves various option to customer to buy from. US guys purchasing the phone from AT&T can even go up for back panel engraving by using tons of designs.



Want more colours? Don”t worry we have all !

moto x launched

Other things about Moto-X

Already impressed by ClearPixels? Moto-X has more in it. This device is powered by a Motorola’s X8 processor. Now whats X8 processor? Motorola’s played very logically by coding ok, google now plus always listening to you plus customised Snapdragon S4 krait 8 core’s chip combined with a powerful Quad-Core Adreno 320 GPU into one simple term called X8 processor. This X8 mobile processor is fully customised powerhouse from Motorola Mobility which combines with 2GB of RAM.

moto x launched

In terms of screen size, Google do have a trick. In order to avoid fast battery drain due to high resolution display of the phone, Google engineered its screen till 4.7 inches only. Saving battery per inch is the sentence. The phone shows up 1280 x 720 OLED or AMOLED screen screen with 316ppi which is quite impressive. The phone lies on the peek of mid-range phones.Camera UI of this phone will blow off your minds. Tons of other tweaks are added in camera APK which we got running unofficially on any adroid.

We have two storage option for this phone i.e 16GB and 32GB. No SD card expansion support this time by Motorola.

The Moto-X runs Android 4.2.2 out of the box. May be huge update to be followed by the device to add Key Lime Pie. The phone is also having a 2200 mAh battery which will input and output your complete day work smoothly, as promised by Motorola. NFC and Bluetooth 4.0 supported. Wifi 802.11 supported.The device is having smallest sim tray to keep nano-sim in it just like iPhone 5 do.


There is no official price for sim-free models, but you can get this phone for 199$ (16GB) and 249$ (32GB) from AT&T with 2 Year contract plan limited to US residents only. Rumoured price was $329 for this dual core but 199$ washed away those rumours. We expect it under 500$. Indian release is still in queue.


Two official advertisement from Motorola Mobility follows: