Moto-X new benchmarks,clear pixel and camera gesture leaked ahead of launch, could be priced at 299$

Moto-X rumour are coming since 4 months and they are actually changing every week. Today we just saw some images of Benchmark test running on Moto-X dropped by android police. Images follows:



This tells there will be a dual-core cpu with most commonly used Adreno 320 GPU. The screen resolution of this phone is 720p only. Some underground sources today disclosed that its official price would be around 299$. We can actually imagine this price because device is only using previous gen hardware.

AndroidPolice today leaked some camera and its gesture images of the phone which really looks cool. Images follow:


nexusae0_wm_0008_thumb1 nexusae0_wm_0009_thumb1 nexusae0_wm_0007_thumb1

nexusae0_wm_0002_thumb1 nexusae0_wm_2012-09-12-15.11.51_thumb


This UI is actually killer in terms of gesture and looks like a flat design is being developed by motorola too. A new rumour is that this phone is having 10.6MP camera which uses clear pixels to brighten the image taken in night mode.Lets wait for a week more to  confirm the presence of all these rumours on the device.