Moto-X unofficial hands on, new specifications leaked

Moto-X unofficial hands on, new specifications leaked. Video:

This guy also compare the same with iPhone 5 alongside. He confirms the 10.1 MP camera on rear and 2.1 MP on front. Clear pixel’s as predicted by AD is not confirmed till. WIth 4.7 inches of 720p display, the phones display is having very impressive screen as compare to others. Processor will be dual-core with 2GB RAM. Again unofficial price is same as told by AD i.e 299 USD for 16 gb variant.


Today, we also got more and more of technical specification about this phone which completely unfold Moto-X , from Andorid Police. Report follow:

The Motorola- Assist  was rumoured previously that it will the best part of upcoming Moto-X and yes, that was correct. We got some images explaining this assistance.





Motorola’s Phone Tracking( just like Find My iPhone)

nexusae0_wm_00011_thumb-1 nexusae0_wm_00012_thumb-1


Ask anything by saying Okay Google Now!( you can even train your phone to recognise your voice)


Some notification gestures which is actually carving us

nexusae0_wm_00007_thumb-1 nexusae0_wm_00005_thumb nexusae0_wm_00010_thumb