Moto X+1 will add some exciting new touch less features

Firstly, let’s wish Happy Birthday to Moto X. You were amazingly incredible with all your user friendly features, we really liked all of them. To bring some more of them, Motorola will reportedly add some exciting new touch less type features in its upcoming Moto X+1. Hellomotohk’s Facebook page is now reporting some new features that would come up with Moto X+1. Not going in deep, they said that Motorola will add some new touch less controls that will be inherited from Moto X. It will also feature a newly developed active display to make it more user friendly. Lastly, this upcoming Moto X+1 will get some sort of 3D recognition feature along with a super camera to support optical zoom(no details). We have already seen its camera lens which features 2 spot like flashes on its side.

moto x+1 touch less features

The most important thing to note is 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor. We really don’t have any idea about that or may another model as we have seen lots of different models of this smartphone.

Stay Tuned!