Motorola to launch 10 new devices before Christmas? All in the list

Few hours back, we reported you that 2 different variants of Moto S Android Silver devices would come out and now that list has been expanded by the source. According to this new report, Motorola will allegedly launch 8 ( plus 2= 10 i.e. Moto 360 and one Bluetooth earpiece added by us) new devices before Christmas eve of 2014. Adding that Verizon will take hold on the majority of these devices, Droid and Droid Turbo will be exclusive to AT&T. The full list of devices begins:

1) Droid

2) Droid Maxx

3) Droid Turbo

4) Moto S

5) Moto G2

6) Moto X+1 

7) Moto X Play

8) Nexus smartphone


9) Moto 360

10) One Bluetooth earpiece 

One of these DROID device will reportedly add up to the upcoming Star Wars movie promotion and the rest you can read HERE