Another Motorola XT912A Moto X+1 pops out, fully covered [EXCLUSIVE]

We really don’t know what Motorola is up to, 8? 9? or may be 11 new devices. These figures are just rumours and in that rumour line up, we would like to add one exclusive leak that point towards a new Motorola device. According to these leaked images, Motorola XT912A is rumoured to be another variant of Moto X+1.We got its case listing that shows this device full covered but its seems like a bigger 5.2″ device showing camera on its rear. This is no the first time that this device has given its appearance, we already spotted this device in one the GFXBench result that pointed towards a 5.2″ device loaded with 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor combined 2GB RAM. Yes, we actually spotted this device back in April.

Don’t remember? Take a look:

Motorola XT912A


We do have one Motorola XT912 aka DROID RAZR, so may be a new DROID RARZ?

Take a look at this HD shot of Motorola XT912A covered up by some PUDINI case:

Motorola XT912A


Stay tuned for more!