Much more slimmer MacBooks would roll out later this year

Do you still remember when Sir Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s very first MacBook Air? We do remember that. But what if they further reduce the thickness of its upcoming MacBooks(not sure whether Air or Pro)? According to Digitimes, Apple is planning to bring much more slimmer MacBooks by the end of this year or may be in the starting months of 2015. This report was generated by the help of various supply sources in Taiwan which says:

Production of components has begun in small volumes, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers”

We are not sure which MacBook they will bring at that time but one can think of Retina MacBook Air because when Apple added retina display to MacBook Pro, its thickness was significantly reduced from 2.4cm to 1.8 cm.

The source also adds that the production of non-retina MacBook Pro will come to an end by the end of this year.