Mugen 6500 mAh battery for Galaxy Note 3 will last 2.03 times as long

We all know that Galaxy Note 3 comes with a powerful battery of 3200 mAh but still the FHD AMOLED screen needs a lot to be alive, although 3200 mAh is good till general usage like bit of 3G combined with various social messaging apps and some HD games. But what if are running 3G downloads all the time along with HD games running natively on your phone with tons of app in background eating up the cellular data! Mugen 6500 mAh battery will help you.

Mugen 6500mAh Battery

Mugen 6500 mAh battery

Mugen has come up with an external battery for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which claims a double of battery backup as compared to the native battery provided by the Samsung. The battery is having a total capacity of 6500 mAh which more than the double of 3200 mAh battery provided by Samsung. This means just charge your Note 3 overnight and use it more 2-3 days without charging it further, a good thing for heavy mobile users. The battery comes with a external door of the phone which shown up in the image.

Official Description:

Mugen Power Extra Strong Extended Replacement battery. Free Shipping Worldwide!

Mugen Power is the worldwide leading brand of high performance batteries for portable electronic devices. Mugen Power means Performance and Quality.

Mugen Power batteries have better performance (higher capacity) and reliability (longevity & safety) than other brands. The superior performance improves run time, often doubling that provided by the original brand replacement. The superior quality results in longer battery life and better protection of the powered device.

All Mugen Power batteries also undergo vigorous QA procedure, resulting in Mugen Power achieving the lowest return rate in the industry. All Mugen Power batteries are CE approved.

Mugen Power batteries are premuim product and designed for experienced users, who understand importance of quality for long battery life and safeity of everyday use.

You can order this product on Mugen official e-commerce website for $98.50, the shipping will initialise from 6 December 2013.

via GSMArena