Netflix giving trouble to Nexus 7 users

Netflix giving trouble to Nexus 7 users. Yes its true, Google has updated android 4.3 for its Nexus7 but if you are using the upgraded version of netflix, then might face some trouble on your tablet.

News is that if you are watching any video on Netflix and if anyhow your screen gets lock then this app will freeze your phone. You have to press power button to restart you phone. It’s a kind of bug that Netflix is going through. Google and Netflix both are aware about this n Google says that they are trying to fix this as soon as possible.

netflix problems in android 4.3

The former’s Don Merrill says that the problem is that the Netflix app is freezing your phone or tablet while it is locked which makes it look as though your phone has been turned off. Merrill suggests that until a fix is sent out, those with a Nexus device running Android 4.3 either refrain from updating to the new build (unless you just bought the new Nexus 7, of course) or uninstall the Netflix app until the bug is killed dead. He also says that Google has its top men working on a solution, so don’t let this keep you up all night!

So until the issue gets fixed be sure that you keep you Nexus4 or Nexus7 on while watching video on netflix.