New Droid phones from Verizon in partnership with Motorola



Engadget’s live key notes reveals that Verizon announced its three droid phones today Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx, Droid mini. Three phones with different size and quite a bit different specs.
Droid Ultra: 5 inch droid ultra which is 0.28 inch thick is said to be thinnest 4G LTE Smartphone. It has 10 mega pixel camera on the Ultra, 1080p video with a f2.4 lens

Droid Maxx: 0.33 inch thick with a larger battery than Ultra. Maxx is 8.5mm thin, unibody and Gorilla Glass to be lighter, thinner, smaller.
Droid Mini: 4.3 inches screen
Anyone who gets the device from now until September 30th gets six months of free Google Music All Access. Sources say that Droid is the only Smartphone that has ingress preloaded. Ingress is a multiplayer scavenger hunt. You can easily share photos with just a swipe just tap twice and your photos will be transferred with Droid Zap app.
It has another feature called Active Notification which makes it easier to manage notification and save battery life.
Ultra and Maxx has Super Amoled Screen that also saves baatery unlike Mini which has TFT LCD screen.
It provides touch less control. All three phones have 24 percent faster CPU, 100 percent faster GPU, twice the RAM.
Ultra is all about thin, Maxx is about battery. Motorola claims that these phones have 24% faster CPU and 100% faster GPU.
Nice come back by Motorola!