Is this new Google Play Moto X or Nexus 6/X?

October is coming and it could bring a new Nexus smartphone to the market. Another┬áleaked image of this Nexus X ,which could also be Google Play Moto X as its size is not looking that much bigger(5.9″), brings another twist to rumour line-up. This image was spotted on Droid-Life’s comment section but Google Play Moto X was reported by TKTechNews, earlier today. One should also take a brief note over its “AOSP on Shamu” model number.

Google Play Moto Xnexus

So, is that Shamu device nothing but the Google Play Moto X edition? Additionally, another image on right side(edited by increasing the brightness) shows a small circular logo with “M” inside. This, again, hint towards the Moto X Google Play edition.

We know have 3 possibilities:

  1. There will 2 different size variants of upcoming Nexus, one could this one(another would be 5.9″)
  2. This could Moto X Google Play Edition.
  3. We are far behind the actual truth.

Stay tuned for more!