The all new HTC One is really enthusiastic about its new dual-camera

HTC One being the smartphone of the year 2013, made a very good impression on its users. And now, the wait for the New HTC One or HTC M8 or HTC One 2, whatever it would be, is making us excited for every single second that goes near around the launch date. One of the famous geek behind all the smartphones leaks, evleaks, has twitted one image of the all new HTC One which gives a HD look of its rear panel showing the next-generation dual-camera. Get ready mates, this phone will be a mighty ruler over the best camera as well as display smartphones. There is no info regarding the specs of this new dual-camera, whether it would be UltraPixels or something else. The launch date is still 2 weeks ahead, so there are couple of leaks ahead before the launch. So, Stay Tuned!