Both new iPhones will be available from 19th September, bigger iPhone 6 could be iPhone 6 Plus

As every fanboy is having the complete pre-knowledge of two different variants of iPhone 6, we will now add some new points to that rumour sheet. According to one new report, generated at Macotakara, both these(bigger and smaller) next generation iPhone models will be differently named. The smaller version is all set to be named as “iPhone 6” only but the bigger iPhone 6 will be called as “iPhone 6 Plus”. May be that could happen but we still have some senses that predicts it to be the all new iPhone 6 Air.

Leaked iPhone 6 hands on pre review video

According to another report, sourced at iGen.frboth these upcoming iPhone 6 models will be available from 19th September i.e. the “Friday” of next week as this is the long running past trend that Apple follows for every new iPhone. But one should also consider the fact that until now we have only seen leaks of iPhone 6 models, fully assembled and fully working, and iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6 5.5″ version still lacks its completely assembled design. This could be the reason that the bigger version may debut later.

No worries! Its just 23 hours remaining.

Stay Tuned!