New Ultra HD Retina iMac could roll out this year

Apple is reportedly launching a new Ultra HD Retina iMac before the end of this year. This new report comes from a reliable source that has a record of Apple based leaks and rumours. According to Digitimes, these new 5K3K Retina iMacs will come roll out before the end of this last quarter. The monitor vendors are reportedly interested for this new development. They say:

Apple will release 27-inch 5K3K high-resolution iMac models by the end of the fourth quarter of 2014, WitsView said, adding that the new iMacs along with other Ultra HD monitors are expected to spur a new wave of demand for Ultra HD monitors in the market.

Market trends show that most monitor vendors are interested in developing 27-, 28- and 32-inch Ultra HD units, said industry observers, adding that the Ultra HD LCD monitor penetration rate in 2014 is likely to reach around 5%.

One should also note that Retina based iMacs were initially spotted in one of the developer’s code of early OS X Yosemite release build. May be we could see some updated iMacs before the end of this year.

Stay Tuned!