Google Nexus 8 hinted by Google on Android website

Was that a Google Nexus 8 in the image? We got this report from phonearena, where for the first time we have seen Nexus 8 on Google’s official Android website which no longer exist there and has been replaced by 2013 edition Nexus 7. The Nexus 8 resemble the appearance of previously spotted LG-V510 on the eve of Bluetooth certification. Take a look at the snapshot reported by them for Google Nexus 8:

google nexus 8

Noticed something? Roll your eyes towards the edges of both the tablets.Google Nexus 8 (rumoured) on the left side shows a fully wider bezel with a noticeable increase in screen size while on the other hand we have 2103 edition Nexus 7 with less wider bezel. A mistake by Google might be some authentic leak for us, Lets wait for more to show!