No fingerprint scanner for iPhone 5S, but we have some teardown images

Recently it was rumored that Apple’s new iPhone 5S will have fingerprint scanner (as revealed by source code) but according to Photographed parts that allegedly come from Apple’s (AAPL) next-generation iPhone were published on Friday by Japanese vendor Moumantai, which describes the components as the home button, flex cable and internal vibrator but no fingerprint scanner for iPhone 5S. It will also have 5S card holder, charger flex, home flex, camera flex, speaker button WI-FI flex and speaker flex.Images follow:

iPhone 5S iPhone 5S iPhone 5S iPhone 5S iPhone 5S iPhone 5S iPhone 5S iPhone 5S

We are not 100% sure about the authenticity of these images but sources do tell that these images can be of prototype developed earlier. It is also said that iPhone 5S will be more alike to its previous version- iPhone 5 no major addition or changes are detected yet, but might some more colourful iPhone life, camera, battery. According to the latest news, Apple will launch both of its phone – iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on 28 September, again the dates are changing and we are sure, it will continue to change till we see some official banner from Apple.