Nokia Lumia 1020 VS Samsung Galaxy: Let’s fight

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom vs Nokia Lumia 1020

 The two Smartphone whose main catch was their camera- Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and Nokia Lumia 1020. Let’s see where these phones stand in the race. Just look at their specs:

lumia 1020 vs galaxy s4 zoom


Camera: As these two phones created a lot of hype in the market because of there camera we will start with the camera first. Samsung Zoom has 16 mega pixel camera while Nokia Lumia 1020 has 41 mega pixel camera with its Dual Capture taking simultaneous 38 MP and 5 MP shots,  now that’s a lot of difference but wait it’s not done yet. The zoom has 10x optical zoom advantage unlike Lumia 1020 which has 3x digital zoom as we know that optical zoom gives you high quality images than digital zoom.

Its easier to you use Samsung Zoom’s camera while in Lumia 1020 you have to do pre setting to take high quality image but again Lumia 1020’s camera works fast as it starts in a jiffy you don’t have to go through unlocking screen and all that like in other phones.

lumia 1020 vs galaxy s4 zoom



So here also Lumia beats Zoom with bigger screen high resolution and much sharper image. Lumia has 4.5 inch screen ,1280x 768 resolution with 332 ppi which is far better than that of Zoom’s having 4.3 inch screen,960×540 resolution with 256 ppi.


Processor and storage:

Samsung has samsung Exynos 4212 while Lumia 1020 is powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8960 processor which is more powerful. 1020 comes up with 2GB RAM while ZOOM comes 1.5 RAM and it provides expandable memory up to 64 GB while 1020 with 32GB internal storage with no support of Micro SD card.

On comparing OS windows 8 and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, Google play store has much more option than Windows app store which is improving over days.

lumia 1020 vs galaxy s4 zoom


Lumia 1020 which has higher resolution to display is powered with 2000mAh battery while Zoom comes with 2330 mAH battery.

lumia 1020 vs galaxy s4 zoom

To conclude:

Specs says Lumia 1020 has much more advantages than Zoom. Well we can only be sure until we use the phone that how much it actually does. So it’s not the end we have still more to go with. Let’s wait for this high end camera phone and see what these 41 mega pixels give us.