Nokia Lumia 1520 press renders in cyan colour, Nokia’s first 6″ phablet to come with 20MP camera on 22nd October

We are just few days behind the official release of Nokia’s first Phablet which will named as Lumia 1520 as per various rumours. This phablet will have a 6 inches of Full HD 1080p screen which was confirmed after Microsoft seeded a new update for its Windows 8 mobile platform. The device will also come with a Quad-Core Snapdragon processor combined with a powerful 3390 mAh battery power. All these specs makes this Lumia 1520 the most powerful phone ever in Lumia series. Today @Moroleaks twitted a cyan coloured Nokia Lumia 1520. The front panel of the phone is black coloured while the back is of cyan. Yes, the phone actually gives a killer glimpse, we have to admit it. Image:

lumia 1520

Another thing we were reported was from Nokia Conversation, the concept of new Glance Background was discussed by Martin Jansky, senior product manager at Nokia. Glance Background is something we will see Nokia Lumia 1520. So what is Glance Background? Read here:

“We want to help people customise their phones. Make them personal and also stand out. That’s something Nokia is famous for – and we’re going to keep those things coming.

“We realised we could use the same technology we use for functional features (such as the clock and notifications) to also offer personalisation on the glance screen. We had a hunch that being able to set an image as the background was something Lumia owners would appreciate, and the initial feedback has proven us right!”

“And you haven’t heard the last of improvements to the Glance screen,”

Source further added something about the battery backup thing if we have an image on the stand by screen of phone:

There were technical challenges, though. Showing an image when the phone is otherwise ‘off’ created two issues that had to be overcome.

First, every active pixel creates extra drain on the battery. So Martin and his colleagues worked at optimising how the image would be displayed. For example every second vertical pixel is removed on LCD screens, to cut down on the power used. On AMOLED screens, horizontal pixels were also removed to further aid with power consumption.

Second, there was a risk of screen burn – the background image creating a permanent ‘after-image’ on the display. To resolve this, the displayed pixels are alternated every hour to the ones that are otherwise turned off, so that pixel burn won’t happen. This has quite a happy consequence. The image used for the background almost looks as though it’s on another, lower level than the clock figures. Less pixels = less light = it looks further away.

Some images:

lumia 1520 lumia 1520 lumia 1520


The device will debut on 22nd October in Abu-Dhabi, along with this we will also see new iPads on the same date by Apple. Stay Tuned for more.