Nokia multi-display smart watch named Facet leaked in patent ruling

Just like Samsung Gear smart watch, Nokia might also be preparing its own smart watch with multi display pattern to follow. The diagrammatic representation of the watch was spotted by Engadget and we even got rumoured images of smart watch from chinese microblogging site named Weibo. The device was named as ‘Facet” on the official website of US Patent and Trademark Office. No official specs and release date for this device has been tagged, so don’t expect this device to debut on 22nd Oct with Lumia 1520 and new Surface RT tablets.

Nokia smartwatch

nokia smartwatch nokia smartwatch

Previously we have also seen a rumour spread out of iWatch by Apple, going back in the dig, we have also seen Sony was the first company to launch its first smart watch which however became a big failure for them. The smart watches are basically used to sync your mobile phone to the watch.