Nokia X VS Lumia 520: Battle to be sort out

At the current stage where the Microsoft was doing everything to get the app market right for Windows Store we got a brand new phone from Nokia i.e. Nokia X, the first one from finnish giant to support AOSP(Android Open Source Project).  Now, lets see how Nokia X actually works in comparison to its own sibling Nokia Lumia 520:

Nokia X Vs Lumia 520

Design : There is no much difference in between both the both come in plastic outer casing made of Polycarbonate and looks really amazing in the nokia Rectangular design

Hardware : Both of the phones comes with Snapdragon processors on board with 1Ghz Processors however Lumia wins over the GPU department as Lumia has Adreno 305 to Nokia X has Adreno 203

Battery : Nokia X has slight edge on Nokia Lumia 520 as it gets 1500mAh in comparison to 1430 mAh on Lumia. However it is well known fact that android phones consume more battery than any other phones.

Camera : Here the Nokia Lumia wins the race with 5MP Autofocus Camera where as Nokia X comes only with 3.15MP and Lumia has a better sensor in comparison to the other.

Connectivity : Even in this Department Lumia 520 wins the race with Bluetooth v4.0 and HSDPA with 21.1 Mbps, whereas Lumia is equipped with Bluetooth v3.0 and HSDPA with 7.2Mbps.

Memory : Here again Lumia 520 wins with 8GB internal storage where as X gets only 4GB of storage. Lumia has expandable storage upto 64 GB and Nokia X Comes with 32 GB expandable storage. However, both the phones are equipped with 512 Mb RAM and is well known fact that Android phones consume more RAM in comparison to Windows.

Display : Both the phones are equipped with same 4 inch display of 480 x 800 resolution with 233 ppi pixel density.

Software : We know already know that there is no comparison of Android with any other OS in terms of multi tasking, better apps and user friendly OS whereas Windows in todays market is trying to grow its strength in app market and in OS too. Nevertheless it is very important to tell here that the Nokia X comes with Android Open Source Project with Jelly Bean 4.1 which is 3 generations old and Nokia Lumia comes with upgradable Windows Phone 8 Black edition which is the latest version on Windows OS.

Price : Nokia Lumia comes at Rs. 7500 ($120 Approx.) at Amazon and Nokia X comes at Rs. 8200 ($135 Approx.) at Infibeam. Street price of both comes with Lumia at Rs. 7200 ($115 Approx.) and Nokia X at 8000 ($130 Approx.) which states it is left to your preference.

Verdict : With Better Camera, Memory, Battery, Connectivity & Hardware, Nokia Lumia is a ahead of Nokia X. Whereas Nokia X is better with OS and app integration.

This wild Nokia X VS Lumia 520 is based on the pros and cons of both. Gizmobic gives both phones a pick depending on your choice and preferences.