Nokia’s new patent shows foldable battery

After the launch of LG G Flex and Samsung Galaxy Round, Nokia seems to join the same flexible mobile race. Daily Mail is reporting that Nokia has just acquired a foldable battery patent which shows the diagrammatical representation of a foldable battery which might be used in Nokia’s upcoming Lumia series. A foldable battery would certainly tell us about some upcoming flexible phones by Nokia also. These flexible smartphones could actually cut down the width factor by very large amount. Take a look what Nokia says:

“Even though the internal components are becoming smaller and smaller, batteries generally lag behind other technological advancements, consistently consuming a large portion of the portable electronic device.

‘In current portable electronic devices, to have a curved and aesthetically pleasing form factor, space is generally wasted between the battery and a case making the portable electronic device seem larger and a result may be less appealing,’

‘Additionally, there may also be wasted space between the internal components and the case and/or between certain internal components.’”-Nokia patent application

Nokia Foldable Battery:

nokia foldable battery


nokia foldable battery