Opera Mini 8 for java based phone launched

Opera has officially announced its new Opera Mini 8 browser which is supported by older devices which runs java based applications. Older BlackBerry series like Bold, Torch, Curve etc. can download this new Opera Mini 8 by visiting official portal of Opera. This new version is having a completely changed design if compared with its predecessor. A new customised tile like homepage will help you select your mostly opened url. Along with this, Opera Mini 8 comes with a night mode feature which will help you protect your eyes and also saves battery by automatically dimming the brightness of your device in night hours.

Opera Mini 8 also got a private tab option which will never store any cache or cookie of that particular session. Just close that private tab and all the cache, cookie and history will automatically be deleted. This new version will also track your data usage by telling you the amount of data you have consumed in a particular selected time period. You can also customise the quality of image to be loaded as per your connection speed so that you get wait free browsing experience.