Oral B Smart Toothbrush will connect to your phone and ask you to brush in correct way

Day by day a new thing comes in a town and the next day the previous one gets dumbed by a new thing. Today, we gonna talk about this Oral B Smart Toothbrush which would become your dentist if gains some momentum. Oral B Smart Toothbrush is a bluetooth enabled toothbrush which will guide you while you are brushing. So, How will it guide us? Is there any voice assistant embedded on the brush or what? The answer is no. Oral B has made an app for Android and iOS through which your Oral B Smart Toothbrush gets connected and then telling you the correct way.

oral b smart toothbrush

Through this app you can set an alert to get a reminder that you have walk till your basin to brush your teeth and sleep. This is very basic. Oral B Smart Toothbrush app also adds some great functionalities to this device. Once you are connected, this smart toothbrush’s sensor will also check up the amount of pressure that you are exerting on your teeth. Smart app will also track your daily performance. After grabbing your performance, this app will also arrange that data in statistical order to you a full summary report. Moreover, this app will also ask you to replace the head of the brush once it gets destroyed. Take a brief look at this video demo by Oral B:

Oral B Smart Toothbrush will become available in Germany but only for some limited quantity, this coming spring. There will be a global roll out of this device in June 2014. So, What about the pricing? This cool looking virtual dentist will cost you around $300 which is a bit over priced but it really promises to deliver a good toothbrushing experience.