Phosphorus is iPhone 6 biometric pressure sensor, not next-gen M7 chip

After giving you an exclusive comparison of iPhone 6 with iPhone 5, here comes another report from MacRumors that focuses on the insides of this upcoming Apple device. Few hours back, GeekBar had posted one alleged schematic image of the next generation M7(Motion chip) that could come fitted inside the iPhone 6. The source claimed that this new next generation M7 will be called as “Phosphorus” that will help user to track all of its health data and motion activity via the Health App(iOS 8). Making a contradiction, few minutes back one user named leecbaker has provide some real information to this “Phosphorus”.

According to him:

The chip pictured has the part number BMP282. I’m 99.99% sure this is a Bosch barometric pressure sensor, similar to this part BMP280. Variants of one part often have slightly different part numbers- if Apple got Bosch to customize the chip for them with different packaging, or a slightly different measurement range, that would explain the difference in part number.

This new phosphorus term is for iPhone 6 Biometric pressure sensor that would be loaded inside the home button of iPhone 6.

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