Play Game Boy on iOS, Android, Windows without any app

If you once loved to play some cool games like Mario, Tetris, Bomber-man etc. on your Game Boy device and now your mind never gets attached to those HD games available for iOS and Android, this report is actually for you only. Now you can play Game Boy on iOS, Android, Windows and even more device with a touchscreen just by typing in your Safari, Chrome or even on Internet Explorer. This is just a basic type of Game Boy emulator which is embedded on a webpage by using some scripts.


Game Boy on iOS

This online Game Boy player is already having 13 game titles installed in it, so no need to download any rom from any hosting site then  add it to a particular folder. We have tried all the games ourself, they go really smooth with a bit small screen size. Who cares on this, you just need to type a small url in your browser, and then your screen starts receiving a tons of tick-tok from your side, ultimately you just stop getting more bored. This experience of getting Game Boy on iOS device is amazing. You will eventually love it!